Noa Witte


Interactive Plant

Interactive Plant

Bellis, an interactive system that brings a house plant to life. By embedding sensors in the soil of a house plant, Bellis is able to detect touch and moistore levels in the soil. Together with a companion app the user can have a conversation with the plant about its health.

Sensor module

The sensor module consists of a 3D printed housing of three parts which encapsulate the sensors. The module is designed to be placed beneath the soil of a regular house plant.

The swept frequency capacitive sensor (SFCS) measures conductivity across different electric frequen- cies. By placing a piece of wire, acting as a single electrode in the soil of the plant, Bellis can accurately register touches of the leaves and soil.

The strain gauge load cell sensor measures the precise weight of the plant, to provide real-time data of how much water is added, when water is poured into the houseplant pot. In addition, a moisture sensor is used to get an overview of current water needs, by measuring the moisture levels of the soil.



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