Noa Witte



Music Composition

A system for composing music without a timeline.

Interactive House Plant

Bellis, an interactive system that brings a house plant to life. By embedding sensors in the soil of a house plant, Bellis is able to detect touch and moistore levels in the soil. Together with a companion app the user can have a conversation with the plant about its health.

Shape-Changing Tree

A tree that changes its shape in correlation with the indoor climate. If the CO2 levels of its room rise too high, it will begin to shed its paper-leaves, one by one.

Baby Monitor


Bike Locks


Minimoji – Turn yourself into a LEGO minifigure in 3D

“Minimoji” is a Memoji-inspired iOS concept app that lets the user see themselves as a 3D minifigure. The app recognizes head movements and mimics the user’s facial expressions – like looking into a magic LEGO mirror.